R&D - New Features! [Septembre Release Note]

Blacknut is getting some update this month. The app will be receiving several R&D additions:

  • Notifications
  • Launch on Galaxy Store
  • Release on 2020 Samsung TVs

Here is a reminder of our end 2023, early 2024 roadmap:

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Blacknut is adding a practical feature to its platform: the notification center. This addition simplifies the process of keeping up with new game releases. Subscribers will now receive timely updates about the latest titles, events, tutorials, ensuring they never miss out on exciting new additions to the gaming library.

Samsung Galaxy Store is now hosting Blacknut Cloud Gaming, allowing more than 400 millions user to download Blacknut and play 500+ premium games in cloud on their samsung smartphone. 

Blacknut cloud gaming is also now available on 2020 Samsung Smart TVs and monitors. Indeed these models had no access to cloud gaming prior to September but owners of Samsung 2020 Smart TVs will now be able to enjoy cloud gaming in their living room. 

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