Catalog Update - September #1

New games coming up! 6 Casual HTLM5 games from Playtouch and 1 new adventure game from PQubeLimited are joining Blacknut's catalog on September 10! Please note that one game is leaving the app, discover them now ⤵blog-new-games-blacknut (2)

PQube Limited's new RPG adventure game: 

The multi award-winning Action RPG. Some say 'Diablo with Cats' others a 'Super-cute Skyrim', whatever your take, Cat Quest's loot-fuelled cat-venture is as beautifully crafted, as its combat and magic are ultra-satisfying. Universally adored by critics - it'll have you purring for joy! Discover Cat Quest ⤵

“Cat Quest is a game about a cat going on an adventure, nothing more and nothing less, but I’ll tell you what: it’s a bloody good adventure.
9/10 – Digitally Downloaded"

Playtouch - Perfect casual and 'on the go' games to play:

One game is leaving the app today: 

  • Little Big Adventure 1


Core Catalog Games available Worldwide


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