Your gift for Blacknut's Black Friday

Dear Customer, it is Black Friday, and here at Blacknut we have a small gift for you! Prepare your phone and / or desktop to be all Black & White

IMG_1122We decided at Blacknut, we wanted to use the BlackFriday occasion to spoil our partners, and users with this small gift, our special Blacknut Blackgrounds! Just a quick idea also, if in the future, you are looking for great way to feature some games and also offer "promotional" digital "goodies" to your fans & customers.
 Choose your favorite and install them all! Download links are here
(Blackground Phone 1) - Blackground Phone 2, - Blackground Phone 3, - Blackground Desktop


Resolution available : Desktop: 1920 x 1080 + 3 options for your phone: 1080 x 1920 

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