Blacknut Masterclass - Cloud Gaming 101

Mai 12th 2021 9:00AM to 10:00AM CET

"Latest Cloud Gaming Industry Insights & Solutions"


Join senior members of the Blacknut team for this webinar which covers all the key information you need to know about cloud gaming, and why it’s set to change the games industry as we know it. From carrier-focused B2B solutions to B2C services, Blacknut is uniquely placed to understand both sides of the cloud gaming market. This one hour webinar will provide an overview of the cloud gaming market as it is today, insights into the technology required to successfully stream games from the cloud, and key considerations for carriers and media brands looking to launch their own cloud gaming offering.

  • Introduction to the Cloud Gaming Market
    • Latest report & forecast on the market      
  • What is Cloud Gaming?
    • Blacknut's solution
  • What B2B Solutions
    • Business Use Case
  • Q&A




Olivier Avaro


Daphne Parot


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In This Webinar:


Gaming Market 2021

Latest insight about the market, the different solution today in Cloud Gaming. 
We are sharing it all with you


Our "Gamers"
Latest facts 2021

Who are our users ? What do they like and how do they play on Blacknut's Service


Cloud Gaming Solution

Overview of Blacknut' Cloud Gaming Service.
The solution, Our Catalog, and where you can play with us.


Business Use case
around the world

We will be sharing some creative way to launch a Cloud Gaming Service for your customers.

Introduction - Post Telecom

  • Discover Post Telecom testimonial
  • How they launched a 5G Cloud Gaming offer
  • The team's feedback on this adventure