Catalog Update - Calendar New Games [Forecast 2022-12 and early 2023]

Please find the updated Calendar (New Games) for December and early January 2023 with new games from Blowfish Studios, 10tons ltd and more...

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This page will be updated with links to the games and might change with new games and dates along the month. Please note that some dates in the calendar may still be subject to last minutes changes.
Game Publisher Estimated release date Availability
Plan for 2022-11-04
Bus Simulator 18 Astragon Entertainment 2022-12-09 Worldwide
Drone Swarm Astragon Entertainment 2022-12-09 Worldwide
DYSMANTLE 10tons ltd 2022-12-09 Worldwide
Crimsonland 10tons ltd 2022-12-09 Worldwide
Neon Chrome 10tons ltd 2022-12-09 Worldwide
Whipseey and the Lost Atlas Blowfish Studios 2022-12-09 Worldwide
YesterMorrow Blowfish Studios 2022-12-09 Worldwide
Nine Witches: Family Disruption Blowfish Studios 2022-12-09 Worldwide
KungFu Kickball Blowfish Studios 2022-12-09 Worldwide
Catie in MeowmeowLand Blowfish Studios 2022-12-09 Worldwide
Plan for 2022-12-16
Azkend 2 10tons ltd 2022-12-16 Worldwide
Sparkle Unleashed 10tons ltd 2022-12-16 Worldwide
Sparkle 2 10tons ltd 2022-12-16 Worldwide
Xenoraid: The First Space War 10tons ltd 2022-12-16 Worldwide
King Oddball 10tons ltd 2022-12-16 Worldwide
Tesla vs Lovecraft 10tons ltd 2022-12-16 Worldwide
Krut: The Mythic Wings Blowfish Studios 2022-12-16 Worldwide
Blackwind Blowfish Studios 2022-12-16 Worldwide
Obey Me Blowfish Studios 2022-12-16 Worldwide
Plan for 2023-01-13
Winter Ember Blowfish Studios 2023-01-13 Worldwide
Baseball Riot 10tons ltd 2023-01-13 Worldwide
Tennis in the Face 10tons ltd 2023-01-13 Worldwide
Spellspire 10tons ltd 2023-01-13 Worldwide
JYDGE 10tons ltd 2023-01-13 Worldwide
Skeletal Avenger 10tons ltd 2023-01-13 Worldwide
Tesla Force 10tons ltd 2023-01-13 Worldwide
Time Recoil 10tons ltd 2023-01-13 Worldwide
Undead Horde 10tons ltd 2023-01-13 Worldwide
Please note that some dates in the calendar may still be subject to last minutes changes.

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